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Helping teams deliver outstanding employee experience

If you’re running the people team or trying to give new starters a great first impression, we’re building Personably for you.

Employee onboarding is often neglected and broken

Companies spend a lot of time hiring the best employees but then preparing for and training them up becomes an afterthought.

Finding out what the wider team do, how to contribute, and how to be successful becomes a huge challenge.

33% of employees know whether they want to stay long-term at a company within one week on the job.

Onboard Top Talent - LinkedIn Learning

69% more likely to stay up to three yearswhen new employees attend a well-structured onboarding program.

SHRM, Onboarding New Employees: Maximizing Success

New employees 25% faster at becoming effectivewhen they follow their onboarding checklist.

‘Work Rules’, Laszlo Bock

Starting right means someone is more likely to stay

If you’re hiring ambitious individuals ensuring they can be productive and deliver value is the key to retention.

At Personably, we’ve built the platform to help you create the strongest employee experience at scale.

Our Values

Honest and transparent by default

In every area of our business, acting honestly and transparently results in a better outcome.

Always open to feedback and new ideas

We learn and improve most from always being open to constructive feedback from others.

Move quickly and test early

Ideas aren’t worth much until they’ve been tested in the wild.

Work on the hardest and most valuable problems first

Try to identify the problem that will add the most value once solved, and work on that.

If in doubt, talk to customers

The greatest experts in this problem at any particular company will always be our customers.

Be curious and ask questions

The quickest learners are the ones that ask the most questions.

Always available to help (or chat)

Everyone should be available to help, no matter what.

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Our Team

The team

Personably was founded in 2017 by Katerina and Lewis, after they started seeing the importance of onboarding at the fast-growing start ups they joined.


CTO & Co-founder

Currently running all things tech, customer success and product related. He started out at GoCardless and graduated from University of Cambridge with an Economics degree.


CEO & Co-founder

Running all things sales, comms and company related. She started at Crowdcube before freelancing as a full-stack developer. Graduating from the University of Cambridge with a law degree.


Software Engineer

The first employee at Personably, joining from JustGiving and before that freelanced as a developer. Graduated from the University of Exeter with a Maths and Philosophy degree.


Product Designer

Jesse joined from ASOS, having previously worked for ITV and gaining over five years experience.


Software Engineer

Jacob joined from GoCardless where he worked across Operations and Engineering for five years.


Sales Associate

Alexandra studied languages and history at the University of Nottingham, then went on to work with UN Women in the Dominican Republic. Alexandra speaks French, Spanish and English.

Our Investors

We’re backed by Global Founders Capital, the venture arm of Rocket Internet. They invest in the kinds of companies we are excited to have as customers.


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